• A happy group of young men and women pose for a group selfie.  The brown haired bearded young male of the group holds up the camera.
a number of individuals
assembled together
A group of men and woman in a lecture hall, all heads turned toward a speaker up front in the distance giving a presentation using a projector screen.
A newlywed couple (the bride dressed in white lace, the groom in a blue suit) kiss as friends and family happily applaud while confetti rains down all around.
Four young males engaged in a game of basketball, stop and watch in anticipation as the ball is shot into the basket and the point is scored.
No matter how you define a group, we want to

reward you for booking with us!

10 rooms

$ 50 Gift Card

15 rooms

$ 100 Gift Card

20 + rooms

$ 200 Gift Card

  • Redeem one of the following:
  • Subway Gift Card
  • Pizza Gift Card
  • Rebate Cheque*
when your book 10 or more rooms at the following hotels:
*the cheque will be sent out to the team one week after deaprture and the cheque will be made out to the team, not an individual.
Based on non-commissionable rates booked at the hotel directly.
The d3h hotels Rewards Program logo presents a black rectangular border drawn around the slogan Book - A - Group Rewards (in black and green letter typeset), while the corporate identity, by d3h hotels in black typeset is placed beneath.