d3h Management

Our highly qualified and experienced d3h hotel management company covers the five key areas of hospitality development and management, including human resources, operations, sales and marketing, administration and construction.

Hotel Management Services

Our highly qualified and experienced d3h hotel management company covers the four key areas of hotel management, including human resources, operations, sales and marketing and administration. Our management skills and expertise in the following areas ensure our success in building and managing successful hotels:

Human Resources

It’s important that we make our employees feel both comfortable and well taken care of. We accomplish this through continuous staff training for new and existing employees, employee-driven performance evaluation, goal-setting and incentives, and a centralized office, which handles the hiring process and payroll for all d3h-managed hotels.

Meetings & Events

Our meeting rooms not only look amazing with modern layouts and furnishing, they are also the perfect spot to host low-key gatherings with friends or a high end meeting for work.

Sales & Marketing

Our corporate sales and marketing team works with our hotel General Managers to develop an annual marketing plan unique to each property. We accomplish this by utilizing the power of cross-selling between properties and ongoing front desk and customer services training, all under the guidance of a centralized sales team who is constantly assessing market developments.


To ensure day-to-day operations run smoothly, we staff our hotels with strong General Managers who show impressive leadership skills and embrace our vision and values of a company who respects each and every employee.

Spa Development

d3h Hotels Inc. has partnered with Damara Spas to bring guest relaxation to a whole new level. This valued partnership helps maximize the guest experience and increase hotel occupancy.


Our central head office in Saskatoon oversees all the components of d3h Hotels Inc., ensuring proper controls over expenses to make sure all of our expenditures are a good value for money spent. Through this centralized office set up, we can identify cost savings opportunities and reduce the hotel General Manager’s time spend on administration, which leads to better customer service.


To streamline the design/construction process while providing an enhanced finished product based on our customer’s needs and wants, d3h launched a subsidiary company, D3CM Construction Management. D3CM Construction designs, builds and administers the entire construction process of new hotels and renovations, resulting in a superior product completed in an efficient time frame.


With our design team on hand, we have you covered from the chairs in your lobby to the lamp on your night stand. With a proven track record, we design hotels that are modern, functional and allow you to stand out among the competition.