D3h hotels is actively pursuing conversion opportunities to Home Hotels. We offer a competitive property improvement plan in which we incorporate our in-house designer to view each unique and individual property to see how it can best be redeveloped to fit the brand at the lowest possible cost. By purchasing a Home Franchise and converting your existing property, you are joining a culture that has created the feeling of “Home” for their guests throughout every property within the brand.

What makes us unique is the opportunity to work together to maximize sales efforts as a team as team rather than as individuals, as well as the support received for operational and staffing standards that have a significant increase on your bottom line. Whatever your reason for conversion, we look forward to hearing from you and working with you to achieve your unique goals.
  • Home Inn and Suites

    Home Inn & Suites is one of the first of its kind in Canada and, therefore, conversions may not be as prevalent for this type of product. This brand is made up of 40% suites with full size kitchens and the other 60% being limited service type rooms. This type of hotel caters to the long term client and short terms stays, while still offering amenities for both types of travellers. We are currently only building Home Inn & Suites hotels but if you have a building that could match this type of property, please feel free to contact us.
  • Home Inn Express

    Home Inn Express is particularly suited for the conversion of existing economy branded hotels that want to move up to the mid-market sector and gain a higher ADR by creating additional value for their guests. This is a unique opportunity for owners who want to increase their bottom line and who may have lost the advantage of being the lowest priced hotel in their market. Lowest price in any market today means something completely different than it did 10 years ago and we want to help owners remain competitive in the ever changing hotel industry.
  • HomeSuites

    HomeSuites is suited for the conversion of existing suite hotels or apartment buildings. In order to mitigate mechanical costs associated with additional plumbing requirements, we do ask that each room have its own plumbing available already for the full size kitchens and bathrooms. The HomeSuites brand has been built on the ability to have much larger, apartment sized rooms available for those guests wishing to stay on a more long term basis. Space is key.